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Zurich all Festive

Hello everyone :)

Yesterday was the official beginning of the christmas time in Zurich. At 6 o'clock in the evening they turned on the christmassy fairy lights all over the Bahnhofstrasse in the city. Then you could walk around and hear singing different choirs and everyone was so friendly and just happy. There were also a lot of mulled wine stands or hot maroni stands. It was an amazing atmosphere.
You could actually really feel the christmas-feeling in the air which I thought was wonderful.

Also it was the night-shopping yesterday. This means that each shop was opened until 10 o'clock in the evening. I didn't bought anything special but I still enjoyed it.

So me and my best friend went together after work and took just a really nice walk through the festive streets and went also in a few shop. It was awesome.

Without anything else to say, enjoy the few pictures I took with my phone. :)


  1. love the scenery, very christmassy.
    brings me in the holliday mood.
    you are very beautiful, looking forward to see more from your blog


    1. oh yes, me as well.
      thank you a lot! :)

      Gonna check out yours now! :P

      xx :*

  2. christmas spirit :') it makes me cry a bit


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