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So I realised that I haven't even done a post about me. 
I want you guys to know me better befor following my blog. :)

About me: My name is Monia Cagnazzo (which you probably could tell of my blog's name :P). I was born the 11th, January 1998 in Zurich, Switzerland, were I still live now, but I'm a 100% Italian! :) From my father's side I'm from Lecce, and from my mother's side I'm from Salerno, which is both in the south of Italy. 

My hobbies: I like to play the guitar, listen to music and I love to dance! Also I do love being around people and have some fun. 

What this Blog's going to be about: I'm going to do posts about Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle, which means: Outfit of the day or outfit of some special events, make-up or other products reviews, favorites of the month and a lot of other stuff.

I hope you'll enjoy my Blog, and if you do, please follow me.
Also if you have some question about a prodoct or some tips for me, don't be shy to comment on my posts.

Where also to find me: 
Twitter: @MoniaCagnazzo
Instagram: moniacagnazzo 

Have fun on my blog!

Lots of love,
xoxo Monia


  1. I'm your first follower! Please check out my blog and maybe follow?;)
    -<3 Khloe Grace

    1. Yees? Thank you a lot about that, it means a lot to me! :) ♡
      I did allready followed you! :)


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