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Shooting in China

Hello guys :)

How are you doing? Hope you’re doing perfect!

Today’s post is a OOTD but in a special way (and I did a rhyme, yeah should become a rapper more than a blogger hahaha yep :D).

My friend Fabienne (which has also started a blog now) and I wanted to do kind of a photo shooting with a special outfit in a special place so we came up with this idea.

So I wasn't in actually in "the real" China but, in Zurich there’s a little “Chinese-garden” which you can visit during summer and enjoy a little view in the Chinese culture. It’s a wonderful place in the nature, so we thought why not do a photoshooting there?

The outfit there I'm wearing:
Shirt: Bershka
High-wasted Jeans: Bershka
Necklace: H&M
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Shoes: white Convers

We had a lot of fun shootin those pictures and I also want to thank my beautiful two friends for this, Fabienne and Ilaria. Love you girls' :)<3
Also go check out and follow my friend’s blog, after finish reading post. :P Click on here for that! 

I hope you like this outfit and the post on it’s whole!

Lots of love,

That's my lovely friend Ilaria everyone! :) She helped me out shooting some of this pictures. Thanks. :)
And this is my other friend. Go check out her blog. :)


  1. it was an awesome day! it was so fun to take pictures with you :D thank you so much for everything babe, i love you so much! xoxo

    1. aaw thank you too babe! yes, it was awesome! love you so much too! xoxo

  2. follow for a follow your blog is lovely ?xx


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