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Bag essentials

Hello everyone :)

For this weeks post I'm going to show you my bag essentials. Now, I am one of those persons that loves to take everything in the bag and with everything, I mean literally everything. But I just want to show you the essential stuff and not all the rubbish things too. 

And here they are!
Obviously first of all, my phone. I still have an iphone5s and I'm totally ok with it. :)
With that I always have to keep my headphones with me because life without music isn't life. 
Here you can see my sunglasses that I've mentioned before, the Ray Ban Clubmaster one. I just mention this in here because it's getting up to spring and I hope so much that I can use them a lot soon. :)

Since I live in Switzerland where the weather is annoying a lot of times, I always keep an umbrella in my bag too. 
Up to my purse, it's a pink Victoria's Secret one and I love it so much! I got this brand new because as you know I had a Michael Kors one but it got stolen like a month ago. Fortunately my insurance got me the money back and with that I felt like buying this purse instead of another MK one, because I don't like them that much anymore. 
My last essential is this make-up bag from Victoria's Secret. I like to call this my "emergency kit" because I've basically everything I could ever need.

For example:

- Deodorant....especially in summer this can be really useful.
- Mirror. Who doesn't need a mirror?
- Lip balm, in case your lips are chapped.
- Nail file. You never know when your nail is going to break.
- Hand cream. Always need one.
- Another little bag with bobby pins in it. Never can have enough of them. 
- Solarium glasses. Me and my best friend want to go twice a week...even if we don't. To     not forget the glasses I just have them in here.
- Lipstick. Here I have a Mac one but I just replace it with the one that I'm using at the moment.
- Kiko concealer. I don't take any other make up with me but concealer is always good.

I have a lot of other stuff in there but I think you know now what I mean with "emergency kit"

And this is it! 
What are your bag essentials? Let me know. :)


  1. Love you little make up bag! Like you, I'm never without my music, always need my lip balm, as my lips are forever chapped winter and summer alike, and I hate being without hand cream. I also always carry a tiny little plastic fish with me. My friend's daughter gave it to me years ago and told me that it would be my 'lucky charm' and always keep me safe. Since then I haven't wished to remove it from my bag, as I thought the sentiment was so sweet! Great post! xx

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! :)
      Well then, we have a lot in common. :P Oh this is sooo sweet. It's always nice to keep thinks like this also just as a memory! :)

      xx :*


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