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Madrid | Day 1 & 2

Hello everyone! :)

Hope your doing good? :P 
I came home from a beautiful trip in Madrid, Spain on Wednesday. I was there for more or less 4 days (counting also the journeys to fly there and back home). I did a lot of 600 or something, which is definitely too much for a blog. Now I sorter them out so I can show you only the good ones or better ones. Still there are a lot of pictures so I thought I'll do two posts, the first one about day 1 and 2 and the second post about day 3 and 4.

So lets start by telling you what we did.

Day 1
The first day was basically just the airport day/ journey to Madrid. After we did the check in in our hotel and freshet us up a little bit we went to town.
First of all we went to Placa del Sol and then we just walked a little bit in the shopping street without buying anything. Than it unfortunately startet raining so we went in a little café to repair us from the bad weather and then we went in a little restaurant / trattoria kind of thing. I ate meat but I don't remember what kind of....hahaha stupid me. My dad was the only one who ate fish but the fish wasn't as good as the meat so yeah.

Day 2
The second day we startet by visiting the "Mueseo de Cera" which is a wax museum. There we took a tuns of pictures and had a lot of fun. Also they had a little "scare ride" which wasn't really scary at all, but it was fun that they inserted this to the museum even if it had nothing to do with it. It was still fun.
After that we continued with the "Real Jardin Botànico", the botanic garden of Madrid. Sadly we didn't had the best sunny day, but I still enjoyed it a lat. There I actually realized that we should do a lot more walks in the nature like this. It was so beautiful and all those flowers looked so nice!
Then we went in a restaurant for lunch. I ate a sort of rice / paella with vegetables. My mother and brother ate the same and my dad ate lamb, which I actually don't really like but is a spanish speciality and they cook it so good it's really delicious!
In the afternoon we visited the "parch del retiro" which is a beautiful park. It's so nice to walk through the nature and enjoy it. We took also a really nice black and white picture with an old like photo maker. It was so nice.
Then we took a tourist bus and drove through madrid and saw a lot of beautiful places. Then we went back to Placa del Sol and did a little bit of shopping (I'll maybe do a shopping haul of Madrid if you'd like :)). 
Then we went for dinner. We wanted to just eat little not too much because we were still full of lunch. So we just ate some typical spanish starters and it was delicious (like always). 
Than we just walked a little bit and after we took a taxi to go back to out hotel.


And that was it for day one and two. Day three and four will be on my blog really soon so stay tuned! :)
Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed!


  1. Omg!! That looks like you had great fun. And the food looks delish! I want to go on holiday but school just started so... :( It looks like you have an obsession with taking pictures like me.
    Please also check out my blog.

    1. I had! My school starts this week :(
      Oh yes I definitely have! haha :P

      I will! Thank you,


  2. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! loved it :-)


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