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Beauty Bites | Masterclass of Chiara Ferragni & Manuele Mameli

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EN || Well this is a post in a whole new direction. Yes you read right. I was at the Masterclass of Chiara Ferragni & Manuele Mameli. So many asked me what kind of "event" it was, since the ticket's were really expensive. So I though: why not write a review about it?

What event was it?

So Manuele Mameli is a well known makeup artist in Italy and btw also the personal makeup artist of Chiara Ferragni. He also did the makeup for some really important TV show's in Italy and for other celebrities. That means of course, that this was a Masterclass all about makeup. He gave you tips and tricks on how to do certain makeup looks. 

An instagram comedian (which I actually don't know her) came as well, just to make question and give us the microphone so that we were also able to ask everything about makeup.

Manuele did first two makeup looks on two different models and afterwards he did three different looks on Chiara Ferragni.

What is / was the cost of this Masterclass?

They sold three different tickets.
First one was the Regular Tickets for € 350.-, which contains: 
- A seat in the last section of the theater
- Goody bag in the value of € 150.-
- Californian buffet
Certificate of attendance of the Masterclass

Second tickets where Exclusive Tickets for € 450.- (the one I got), which contains:
- A seat in the middle section of the theater
- Goody bag in the value of € 350.-
- Californian buffet
Certificate of attendance of the Masterclass

The third and last tickets where the VIP Tickets for € 650.-, which contains:
- A seat in the first part of the theater
- A Meet & Greet with Chiara Ferragni and Manuele Mameli
- Goody Bag in the value of € 500.-
- Early entry at 14:00 o'clock and late leaving at 20:00 o'clock
- Free makeup looks of an makeup artist from Sephora
- Californian buffet
Certificate of attendance of the Masterclass

My opinion:

Me and my friend we where so curious to see what this is about, that it was wearth the expierence. The goody bag contains a couple of things, amongst other things a couple of earrings of APM- Monaco in the value of €170.-.

You can learn so many things about makeup, since Manuele was so good. He answered all the questions really professional. What I liked as well: he loves natural makeup looks so you learned a lot about this natural look also for an every day bases.

Chiara was so lovely, for real. I thought that maybe with all of her fame she would be a bit snooty, because most of them are. But no. She was literally so native, it surprised me in a really good way!  

They where both so funny and sympathetic. I loved when they chatted with us during her makeup looks. 

What I thought was a bit disappointing was first of all: the duration. It was too long at the and, my friend and I made a bit of an effort to listen to everything. So on my opinion they could have done one or two makeup looks less. 
Second think: the goody bag. As Sephora and Lancôme where both sponsors of this event, I was expecting to have a couple of makeup things. Instead, the only makeup article was a Mascara from Lancôme and a brush set from Sephora. 

Price- quality ratio?

I know from other people (and also from my sister who is a makeup artist) that Masterclass are always that expensive, so for this matter, you learned a lot. But it's still really expensive. For one time I think it's worth the experience, but I probably would go a second time.

Btw: this I think is nothing for a makeup artist who already did a makeup school. They probably would now everything / or most things already.


  1. Klingt nach einem echt coolen Events, auch wenn die Tickets natürlich sehr teuer waren.
    Das mit der Goodiebag klingt auch super, besonders das Pinselset finde ich toll!

    Ganz liebe Grüße,
    Krissi von the marquise diamond

    1. Ja es war, auch wenn es sehr teuer war, echt eine tolle Erfahrung und die war es einmalig auch wert. :)

      Liebe Grüsse!


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