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Demi Lovato- staying strong 365 days a year

Who sometimes does feel alone? Or of any reason you're depressed? You need someone that can give you the strenght to go on? To not let you fall? Well then, this book might really help you.

I'm personnally not depressed or anything like this. But I think every teenage- girl sometimes has this moment, mostly in the evening when your lying in your bed and listening to music, when you feel all alone. Especially when you don't have a boyfriend.

Well, Demi Lovato went through a lot hard moments and did also srtruggeled with drugs and alcohol. I need to say that I'm NOT a fan of her, that I just normaly like her but not go "crazy" for her (I hope you know what I mean). But for some reason, when I saw her book I was like "I need to get this! NOW!" :) So I did! And: here it is! :) 

I love poems or phrases or even quotes of movies, bookes and songs. So I thought that this is just the perfect book to read, even if you don't have much time to read. You just need to read this one page each day, where Demi gives you a phrase, explane her relation to this phrase and gives you a goal, to give you strength to go on!

Actually I haven't read the whole book jet, but I allready love it. And I do recommend this to everyone and not only to Demi's fans or "Lovatics" as I thing they're called! :)

And this is todays page:  

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Lots of love,
xoxo Monia

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