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Valentine's day nail art

Hello everyone!  :)

First of all: I'm sorry I've been not posting for so long. I was kind of busy. I had a big exam, then I redid my room, like changing furniture....and I am totally in love with it now! *-* I also got braces...sadly :( 

BUT, I did took some time to get new bost ideas, and I got quit a lot! :)

Without further to do, let's get into this post! 

Since tomorrow is Valentine's day I thought it would be nice to do a nail art for this "event".
It's actually a really simple way to just spice up your nails! :)
This is the finished look:

I decided to use a pink, a silver-glitter and a perl-white nailpolish. Put it would also look amazing with red and gold-glitter nailpolish. But that's optional. You can also use other colours for this!

This are the pink colours that I think would look amazing: 

1. essence colour & go- 106 free hugs
2. Rimmel london 60 seconds- 201 Bubblegum pink
3. Kiko- 282
4. Kiko- 288
5. Kiko- 271
6. essence colour & go- 102 sparkling water lily 

I used the three nailpolishes on the right site so: Kiko 288 and 271 and essence colour & go- 102 sparkling water lily.

First of all you put on the pink nailpolish, or wathever other colour you chose. You put one or two coat on it, it depens on which nailpolish you use. 
Than you take your glitter nailpolish and put a coat on your index finger. 
Glitter nailpolishes are often not that "pigmentet". That's why I used the perl-white nailpolish to draw a heart on my ring finger. 

And here I show you how to easy draw a heart on your nail:

 You just put two points side by side, than you draw a diagonal line from one point and then from the other. And your heart should be done. If not you can just fill it a little bit on top of the lines your did. 

After you did the perl-white heart, you put a coat of your glitter nailpolish on top of thw white one. 

And your done! :) 
You can see that it's pretty easy and it looks just beautiful. 

I hope you liked this bost. And if you haven't allready, please follow me! Would be the happiest person! :P 

Also if you have some post requests you can leave it on my site that I did and that you can find on top of my blog. 
I would also love to see your nails if you redo this look! You can send me your picture on twitter or instagram.

Whish you very happy valentine's day! And if you haven't got a boyfriend (like me), don't rush, you can have an awesome night also with your friends like I will! :P 

Lots of love,
xoxo Monia

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