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50 Facts about me

This week I decited to do the 50 Facts about me Tag so you guys can get to know me a little bit better. :)

Let's get started! :)

1. When I come home from work/school the first thing I do is telling my momma EVERYTHING that happened.
2. The second thing I do is listening to music REALLY LOUD! (And I do it even if I have headache :$)
3. Twitter is not a part of my life.... twitter is my life. 
4. Until 7th grade (ca.) I used to suck my thumb while sleeping.

5. I collected "Soda-lid" eventhough I knew I'll never use them!
6. When I have those sad/depressiv/upsed moments, I love listen to "depressiv" music. Even though I know it doesn't help.
7. When I was little I had blond, straight hairs but I always wanted currly, brown hairs. Now that I really do have them, I want my old hair back.
8. I'm a Belieber since November 2009.
9. I never had a "real" boyfriend.
10. I'm a really messy and unorganisted person! 
11. I playied a role in a dancetheater of Romeo and Juliette in Bern, CH. 
12. I have a fobia of fire! (and I don't know why...)
13. I hate spiders and every other kind of insect!
14. I was never to a fiuneral.
15. My family is so big that I don't even know all of them....(distant cousin and unlces etc.)
16. I used to have a hamster called "momo".
17. I don't smoke, I never have and I hopefully never will.
18. When I was little I used to collect stuff from Diddle.
19. When I was a little child (ca. 3), after eating pasta, I always picket up the plate and but it on my head so the rest of the pasta and souce was all over my hair and face.
20. I cry soooo easly while wathing movies!
21. I LOVE Horror- movies.
22. There was a time I was really addictet to sims.
23. I have a keyboard, eventhough I only learned to play three songs on it.
24. I love poems, phrases and anything like this. I do even have a book where I write them down.
25. I'm so proud to be Italian, that when I can decide if use the Swiss or the Italian ID, I would go for the Italian one! *yep, creepy*
26. If you're hanging out with me, I've got my purse and you  need something? Ask me I'll  propably have it in there!
27. I talk A LOT. Sometimes even to much! :o
28. My biggest passion is dancing.......
29. ........ and propably eating. hahaha 
30. I'm a very generous person.
31. I'm really ticklish in teeth.....
32. I kind of hate feet..
33. I always do stuff in the last moment. *hate that about me*
34. If one of my best friends get offended by someone, I can get really angry to them! I feel like I have to protect and defend them.
35. When it gets problematic, I like to just be quiet and listen....until that one point. Than I totally freak out.
36. I love strawberries and strawberry cake obviously.
37. When I'm in a bus or in a train, I always hold my phone in my hand, even when I don't need it.
38. I want a Michael Kors bag for two years now.....but I'm still saving money. 
39. I always want to save money. But then, in the same time, I want to go on a big shopping day. Yeah that's problematic.
40. I now have braces....sadly.
41. I'm so in love with my new girly room! It's so perfect!!
42. I can't really cook.
43. When I was little, I used to love pets and animals and I always wanted a dog. Now actually I don't anymore.
44. I'm 1.56 big. (or little yeah.)
45. I have the shoe size 36/37.
46. I love taking pictures with friends and family!
47. My sister and me promised us, that we'll get a tatto when I turn 18! She'll get an "M" for Monia and I'll get a "L" for Luna (my sisters name).
48. I hate wearing no nail polish.
49. MC Donalds is actually like my second house. (I know it's really bad...)
50. I love to travel! There are so many places I want to visit when I get older! :)

And that is it! 
I hope you really liked this post! I worked so long on this one cuz actually to get 50 facts is not really easy. 

If we should have something in common let me know in the comments! I'd like to know you better as well! :)
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Have a nice sunday! 

Lots of love,
xoxo Monia 

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