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Favourites of February

Good evening everyone! :)

I planned to do a favourites of the month post every month! So here is my first one! Hope you'll enjoy. :)

Let's get started!  

- Wild Child
  Ok, let me just say, I've watched wild child three or four times only in one month...and I don't         even know why I was so obsessed with that movie, I just was... 

- Fujifilm - instax mini 8
  I got my fujifilm camera on christmas and since that, I've been loving my baby :P

- Kiko Bronzer Powder - 104
  I haven't really used bronzer before and I thought, to try one I would go for a cheaper brand, so I   choosed Kiko. And I can only recommend this bronzer! :)

- Victoria's Secret- Perfect conditon hand cream
  THIS, makes your hand sooo soft! And it smells just perfect. I know that it's like a hand cream     that isn't cheap but I'm glad I got it as a gift cuz if not, I would have never tried it!
- Victoria's Secret- Shiny kiss flavored gloss
  Actually I'm not really into lipglosses anymore, but this one is an exception. :) Cuz I fellt in love     with it.

- CV/ CadeaVera- moisturizer
  I don't know if you can buy this creme all around the world. I bought it at "Müller" so I know that    every one living in Switzerland or Germany can buy this. The smell is of honey and melon  extract and apricot oil. And it's just AMAZING!

- Kiko- Lipstick- 613
  I was looking for a lipstick that puts a little bit of colour of your lips but still lookes natural. And I   find this one! :)

- Trident senses- mega mistery
  Okeey..this one is actually really "bizar". I've been loving this gums so much! They're called      mega mistery so I don't really know which taste they official have. I think it's a taste of tropical    fruits. Yeeep...hahahha :D

And last but not least, my favourites songs this month:
- Jason Derulo- Trumpets
- Major Lazer- Lose Yourself feat Moka & RDX
- Major Lazer- Come on ft Sean Paul
- Prince Roycce. Darte un Beso
- Fly Project- Mandala
- Fly Project- Toca Toca

Well, actually I have one favourite that I've not showed you, because it's the whole first seasno of a German series "Köln 50667". And I've often listened to "Cro" which is a German rapper/singer, and to "Emis Killa" which is an Italian rapper. 

And that's everything for this weeks post! I really hope you liked it!
Let me know what your Favourites of February are. :)

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C U in next weeks post!

Lots of love,
xoxo Monia


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