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Get ready with me for a wedding

Hello everyone and welcome back on my blog! :) 

For today’s post I’ll do a get ready with me for a wedding! I was on one before I went to Lecce

So basically I’ll just show you my make-up, hairs and outfit for the wedding.

Starting off with the make-up.  For this make-up- look I used my Naked 3 palette and I kind of recreatet a look that I got from youtube. Click on here to watch de video-tutorial.

Now on to my hairs. As you can see I did that lose-wavy-hair-style for the wedding. I actually have curly hairs but I love wavy hairs a lot more! So I wanted to do them but, I know that if you do it with a curler it’s a: not good for the hair and b: your hair gets more of a curly-look and not a lose-wavy-look. So I found this over night braid on youtube, which achieves the lose-wavy-hair that I was looking for! So, cleck here to watch the video!
For my outfit I decided to go with this maxi dress, which is actually just maxi on top because under it it’s shorter. If you follow me on my Instagram you may have seen a picture of me wearing the dress longer ago. :P

I combined the dress with a pair of high-heels. The color of the shoes matches perfectly with the colors of flowers on the dress. :)

So here you now can see some pictures of how I looked!

Thank you for reading my post and coming over on my blog. I hope you enjoyed. If you did, I would love to have you as my follower! :P :**

Lots of love,
xoxo Monia 

That is a picture from the wedding btw. :)

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