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Hello everyone :)

If you follow me on twitter you might have seen my tweets about my order on Nv Color. I ordered a couple of really nice stuff and I decited to do a little make-up tutorial.

This look might be better for a special event or a party, than for daily bases but, I love how it turned out!

NV Colour  is a british make-up brand. First thing first: I reccomend every product featured in this post, especially the lipstick because they're really hydrated and perfect for people with dried lips. :)

For the tutorial you need the following products:

NV Coral Eyeshadow

NV Aqua Glitter Pot

NV Cat Felt Tip Eyeliner

NV Color Pop Cheeky Stick

NV Bronzer Dark

NV Flamenco Lipstick

And this is what I did:
So this are the four steps you need to do for the eyes:

1. Put the glitter on half of your eyelid
2. But te coral eyeshadow on the higher part of your eye
3. Use the same color for under the eyes
4.Take the pen eyeliner and create a winged line
5. Contour your cheeck- bones with the bronzer
6. Apply the blush yousing your finger or a brush (I used my finger)
7. Put on the lipstick

And that is already it! :)
I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

Lots of love,


  1. Great post,dear! :)

  2. Love the colour of the eyeshadow. These products look promising. Great post and keep up the good work.


    1. They're really good products! I love especially the eyliner pen. So good.
      Thank you a lot :))


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