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Hi guys :)

How are you doing? Well I? I'm not doing perfect actually. I had to drag two of my wisdom teeth yesterday. So I decided that today I could do relax day and do some beauty "things". 

It felt so good after I did all those things. And I can just say: I've you should have one day off where you don't know what to do, what actually happens mostly on sundays, spoil yourself because it is really worth it. 

Have fun! :)

So this is what I do:

This is shave my legs. When I've got the time, I like to use a cream more than razor because it holds little bit longer.

And yes, I also have to shave my "woman-moustache" or how it's called hahaha. The few times I go to a cosmetic I like to do wax it but at home I just use a cream. 
Now on the the chin, forehead and nose. I use this strips to remove all blackhead, pores and other blemishes.
Obviously you can't forget to pluck your eyebrows!
For the whole face I decided to use a rose mask which smelled and felt amazing. 
Need to get those finger- and toe-nails done! Today I decided to polish them in red. Also before applying nail polish, I use this nail oil as a nail care. This helps your nails grow better and stronger
For the bath, I decided to use the "Sakura" bath bomb from Lush. Also stay tuned because I'll post a Lush haul this weekend. :)
And obviously on every relaxing day I enjoy just laying down, watch TV, hang on my Mac Book and reading a book. The book that I'm currently reading is "The fault in our stars- John Green". For pointing out: I'm reading it in german. :P


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