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Christmas Ball Garland | DIY

Hello guys :)

Saturday I already decorated my room all festive. I'll show it to you really soon. But before I'm gonna show you all of it, I want to show you just one thing and give you this idea to do it yourself, because it's super easy and quick to do. :)

I bought christmas balls to decorate my room, but had some left at the end so I thought I could do a little diy. :)

And this is what came out of it.

What I basically did: 
I took a transparent thread and cut it in the length of how I wanted the garland to be. First of all, I made a knot at the beginning, so I could hang it up on my curtain rod. Than I started of by taking one ball after the other and threaded then the thread in the little hole. To make sure that the ball holds to the thread I made a dopple knot after every ball like so:

Now you just need to repeat the steps on every ball and you're already done. That's how easy it is! :)

Also guys, make sure to follow my blog and stay tuned because I'll do a little giveaway for the one year anniversary of the existence of my blog. :) 

Wish you a lot of fun doing this diy,

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