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My everyday make up routine

Hello everyone! :)

Someone asked me if I could do a morning routine because she'd like to see it. I personally don't think a morning routine would come out pretty good as a post so I decided that instead I could do "my everyday make up routine" here I am, doing it! :)

First I start of applying my foundation. At the moment I use the MAC Studio face and body foundation. 

After that I apply the MAC concealer on my spots if I have one/some, around my nose on the red area and under my eyes. 

To make sure that everything is fixed I use the MAC medium blot powder. I use two different brushes to apply this. To basically fix my concealer under my eyes and around my nose I use the brush on the left and for all the other parts of my face I use a normal powder brush. 

Now on to contouring. I use the dark bronzer from NV Color, which I think I've mentioned a couple of times before. :) I use a contouring brush to apply a fat line on my cheekbones and after that I use a kabuki brush to blend it out.   

Now, I don't like using blush. Instead I prefer using a highlighter on my cheeks and sometimes also on the side of my eyes making a line towards my hairs. This is the Lightscapade mineralize skinfinish from MAC. 

On to the eyes. I mentioned this one in my Favorites of January post. It's the Super Liner from L'oréal. I love doing my eyeliner with this I feel it's a lot more simple than with a liquid eyeliner. Somedays I just do a normal thin line and somedays I do more of a winged eyeliner. It totally depends on my mood. :)

Since this is my everyday make up and I don't want to spend a long time doing it, I use a eyebrow pencil from KIKO in the number 04. I usually think eyeshadow or even eyebrow shadows looks a lot better. But I have such a special eyebrow color that I would need to mix different ones. So to make it quick, I just use this pencil. :)  

To highlight my inner eye and under my eyebrow I use either the highlighter from MAC I've mentioned before or the manhattan multi effect eyeshadow in the shape "ice eyes baby". 

As a mascara I use two different ones. I love my MAC mascara and I use this one for my upper lashes. I'm one of this people that don't really likes the under lashes to be as long as the upper lashes so for those, I use my second favorite mascara the L'oréal volume million lashes extra-black. 

If my make up has to last for a long time I like to spray a little bit of hairspray on top of my face to make it last longer. But I don't do it daily. :)

Now I know it looks like you need a lot of time for this look but it actually only takes me more or less 10 minutes. :)

I hope you enjoyed this weeks post and see you guys soon! 


Thank you for reading my blog and leaving a comment. I wish you all the best.

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