Saturday, 31 January 2015

Favorites of January

Hello everyone!

How are you? :)
Before I properly start this week's post, I want to apologize that I haven't blogged last week. I had a little bit of stress with school and work the last few weeks and I'll probably have some more. So if I won't blog every week, I'm really sorry. I try my best to find some good and interesting ideas to blog about and also to find time for it! :)

Also I wanted to thank again everyone that reads my blog. In the last two weeks I heard from people I know that they read my blog, which I wasn't expecting it from those ones. So, thank you a lot! ♡

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Changing my life | Healthy Life

Hello ladies! :)

Hope you're doing well.

Todays post is going to be a little different than my usual posts. I want to do this post as a motivation for you to look up and for me as well. :P

Last year I had a time were I was really obsessed with the whole healthy life thing. With that, I don't only mean fitness but I also mean changing the way of eating by eliminate all the sweet stuff and eating them just like once a week. I also wanted to do a lot more sport.

Now it worked for a while. I ate better and exercised a lot more and it really was going good. I want to lose weight and get like a flatter stomach and feel fitter.


Monday, 12 January 2015

Samsung NX Mini

Hello everyone! :)

Yesterday was birthday! whoop whoop! :3 Well actually I'm just 17 now, nothing special, nothing big. But still it was my birthday. :P

Instead of showing you all my present like I did for Christmas, I thought I'll show you just this one. I got the Samsung NX mini! 
I first wanted it in the color mint, but I thing I needed to wait like 1 month to get it so I got it in white, which is totally fine. :) 

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