Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Spring Love

Hello everyone! :)

How is everyone doing? I'm doing alright.
 I'm so sorry that I haven't posted a blog since two weeks....I told myself to post at least once a week. I was so busy with school and work. Every time I get to busy I get always in trouble with finding a good idea to post and write. Also I didn't want to write rubbish, so I just leaved it out there with no posts.

But I'm back no! I'm thinking a lot about what I want to blog in the future and pre-writing so in case I should get busy again I can still just post them without having to write them first.


Sunday, 15 March 2015

Bucket List | 14 things I want to do before I die

Hello everyone! :)

Did you ever thought about something and told yourself you want to do it once in your life? I have a few of those things so I thought I can show you my bucket list. I only have 14 things for the moment but that is totally ok because I'm still young and I can still add points in the future. :)

Before I start I just quickly wanted to say that all pictures are from google but I added the text to each one myself by editing them. 

And now, let's get straight into it! :)

1. Travel the world. 
I always think about a lot of places I want to visit once in my life. There are so many that I can't just mention one. I want to be abel to see the whole world. 


Saturday, 7 March 2015

Bag essentials

Hello everyone :)

For this weeks post I'm going to show you my bag essentials. Now, I am one of those persons that loves to take everything in the bag and with everything, I mean literally everything. But I just want to show you the essential stuff and not all the rubbish things too. 

And here they are!
Obviously first of all, my phone. I still have an iphone5s and I'm totally ok with it. :)
With that I always have to keep my headphones with me because life without music isn't life. 
Here you can see my sunglasses that I've mentioned before, the Ray Ban Clubmaster one. I just mention this in here because it's getting up to spring and I hope so much that I can use them a lot soon. :)

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Lush Haul | #2

Hello everyone :)

I went to lush again last weekend and I spent "a bit" of money in there. Lush is always a struggle for me because I want to buy every bath bomb that they have so I keep spending a lot in there.... 
So I thought I could do a lush haul again. I already did one but I think I'll do a lot in the future if you're interested in reading / seeing them. :)

Let's get started!

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