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Banana- Raspberries - Vanilla Ice cream Smoothie

Hello girls! 

Now before I start with the post: HAPPY EASRER !
Wish you a wonderful day full of fun, happiness & chocolate obviously. :P

A few days ago I got my smoothie maker. It is so cool and so easy to use I'm already in love with it! As soon as I got it I already wanted to try I did!

for everyone living in Switzerland: click on here to order it now :)
Here is the recipe:

- 1 banana
- a few raspberries
- a teaspoon of sugar
- two balls of vanilla ice cream
- 1 cup of milk

and that is already it. Actually I wanted to do more of a healthy smoothie but as you can see....I didn't. I don't even have healthy ingredients at home but I'll definitely start to buy them soon as I want to get healthier. :)

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