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It's been more then a year now since I uploaded my first "official" post on my blog. Time has passed so quick I can't even believe it.

This isn’t actually a post which a lot of you will read I guess, but for me it is important to do one to thank everyone who is a part of this little community. I’m just a normal girl living her life and writing some thoughts in a little part of the internet and for me, it is the best feeling when I see people enjoying those things.

For some people this might sound weird but my blog is like my little baby. When I’m upset, angry, sad or I feel alone, this is my happy place. I escape from the bad things and take a step in to my own world, which you are a part of.

I know I’m not one of those big, famous blogger. I’m just a little one. But for me it doesn’t matter. Maybe one day I will be bigger, but if not, it’s okay. This is still going to be my happy place.

And even if my blog is still little, you helped me out getting where I am now and reaching this point and I can’t thank you enough for this.

I really hope you enjoyed my blog a lot so far and I hope that you will do as well in the next year as well as in the future.

Like I said before this year past incredibly fast. 2014 wasn't a really good year for me. A lot of things happened. A lot of bad and sad things. Some of them I unfortunately have to take with me in 2015. Thinking about this year makes me wanna cry. I struggled with a lot of stuff and I never thought that so many things could happen in a year. 
But I also have to cry about good things. Even if there were more bad than good stuff I still had amazing and unforgettable moments. I got to know new people this year that are now a part of my heart and my life. 
But: "Letting go of the past is your first step to happiness."
I hope with all of my heart that 2015 will be better and I'm sure it will.
And also I hope that you had an amazing 2014! And 2015 will hopefully be (even) better for everyone.

Now go and celebrate a happy New Year. I wish you all the best for your future.

See you next year!

I love you lots,

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