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Wraping up presents | Merry Christmas ♡

Hello everyone :)

This is just a very short post to wish you all a merry merry christmas. I'm now going to eat at my grandma's house as every year on christmas eve. :)

Today I was a little bit stressed because I had to wrap up the last presents.... totally me :D

What are you doing this evening? :)
Hope you're having the best time with your family and see you guys soon! :*

Lots of love,


  1. in all honesty, i didn't learn how to wrap presents until a few days ago when i volunteered to gift wrap at the barnes and noble bookstore. it was rocky at first, and some customers were impatient with me but i met tons of lovely people who helped me out! i'm almost a pro at wrapping now haha.

    hope you had a wonderful christmas!

    1. first of all, thank you for following my blog and entering my giveaway! :)
      ooooh that sounds like you had a lot of fun! :33
      I'm actually not that bad, it depends on the form of the gift haha.

      I definitely had, hope you too!



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