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Today I have my very first Make-Up Tutorial for you guys! :)

I decided to make this nice Pink-Eye- Tutorial. It's like really simple and not to much color, but still  really shimmery.

So here you can see the Steps I did:

Step 1: Just put the eye shadow on top of your lid.

Step 2.: Add the same color, under your eye as you would use a kajal pen. 

Step 3: Add a brighter pink in the inner corner of your lid.

Step 4: Add the darkest & most shimmering pink at the outer corner. And just ponited it out like you see in the picture.

Step 5: Now do the eyeliner. I recommend doing this with e kajal pencil so it's way easier to blend it out after. 

Step 6: Add a little bit of gold shadow in the middle of your lid. 

Step 7: So this step is optional. I prefer adding some kajal pen also in my wather line. 

Step 8: Just blend the dark pink of step 4 out. 

Step 9: Put on some mascara.

And that's basically it! 

Here the prodoct/ colors that I used:
I actually got the eyeshadow pallet as a gift, so I don't know were it is from. But you can use the colors you have. :)

The numbers on the puctures belongs to the steps of the tutorials :)


And here two "full-face pictures" to see how it looks like. :) :

Hope you enjoied my tutorial! :)
If you have questions or request for any other tutorial, just leave it in the comments. 

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And: if you do this tutorial, send me your picture on Instagram & Twitter. 
I'd love to see yours! *-*

Wish you all a nice day!

Lots of love,
xoxo Monia :* <3 


  1. Could you do a tutorial on the best way to apply eyeliner?

  2. Well first things first. I wish you a very Happy New Year full of Joy and Happiness.
    Second Welcome to the world of Beauty and Fashion Bloggers.
    Third Great post. Thx for the tutorial. Love the eye make up on you, actually I love the complete make up, you look beautiful. Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you.

    1. Thank you a lot. I wish you a very Happy New Year full of Joy and Happiness too.
      Aaaw thank you! I really appreciate your comment! :)

      Oh I'd love to. I'll go follow you right now! :)

      xoxo Monia

    2. Thank you so much honey. Following back on GFC #4
      Thx for your lovely comment. The bag is by MC - Marc Chantal (sp)
      Happy Sunday


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