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My friend Celia & I decided that for the new year, we're gonna make a Yolo-List and do some crazy stuff, to just have the best time of our life. 

I though I'll show you the list, and maybe in the future after doing some of this points, I could do another post, to just kind of report you what we've done and also to show you what we really meant with this points.

So here is the list:

  1. Hook up two friends.
  2. Sleepover in a forest.
  3. Movie-Night in the garden.
  4. Blindfolded make-up challenge.
  5. Walking in Town with onesies on.
  6. Organisate some parties. (For Halloween & New Year...)
  7. Go swimming in the night.
  8. Paintball.
  9. Engrave our first letters in a tree trunk.
10. Do a photoshooting.
11. Go...clubbing....RAWR :p
12. Do nice stuff for people (like helping them). 
13. Writting post to a stranger and see if he/she writes back.
14. Scissor, paper, rock, kiss. 

This are all point! :) I hope you enjoyed. Also if you have some more crazy points, let us know on twitter or in the comments! :) 

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Lots of love,
xoxo Monia  

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