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Cj Salvador- Workshop

Good evening everyone! :)
How are you guys doing? Weell I'm doing perfect!

Today I was at a dance-workshop of Cj Salvador. So if you don't know him: He's a worldwide dancer and he danced for Prince, Justin Bieber, at the "Millennium Dance Complex" and with many other people I think.
I had the chance to take part to his classes, which was just the best thing ever.

So the first choreography we did was this one:

And the second one was this one right here:

The videos are obiously not from the workshop in Basel. But you can see the choreography. :)

AND the best thing ever: I did some pictures with him. I still can't believe it, cuz it's like "unrealistic" to me. But it happened! *-*

I hope you enjoyed this post, even if it was short and without any specific informations. But for me it was special and thats why I wanted to share it with you! :) 

At the moment I'm really busy with school, so that's why I don't post regularly. But as soon as I finished all exams, I'll post more. And I'm planning a lot of stuff, so stay tuned! :)

Wish you a nice week!

Lots of love,
xoxo Monia


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