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How to edit pictures for instagram

Hello everyone :)

Hope you're doing good! 
I think these days, every single teenager has instagram right? And every single one loves to take selfies.
What I do is: everytime I want to upload a picture on instagram, I like to edit it. Today I want to show you how I edit my pictures and the apps that I use for that.


Facetune is a german app. I've actually never used this before cuz I just discovered this app yesterday and tried it out straight away. If you do a selfie and you kind of look tired on it, you can edit your face.

Here I tooked a selfie for you guys, to show you the different that it makes!

And taataaaam! Youu see? My tired-bad-looking face changed pretty easy! :D
But guys, I recommend using this only when you really need it, cuz you still want to look like you and not change your whole look! ;)
You can also edit your eyes if they look red or your teeth if on one picture they look more "yellow". Than you can make them look white! :) Of course I went a bit crazy with that selfie editing and I wouldn't post it like this, but it's just to show you en "extreme" example.


So Afterlight I think is one of the most popular app for editing pictures. I love it to make some "light stripes" on the site or on top. You'll see that in the picture at the end.


This is one app that I don't use a lot. But if you wont to add a quote or mix two pictures together, this app is for you. On my instagram account I've got one picture edited with this app. And just to say: I didn't editet this selfie with Facetue. :)

 InstaRealBokeh & Repix

You might have seen this a lot on instagram. You know the pictures with this sort of "bubbles" on it? You can do it with this two apps. 

Pic Jointer

The name of this app is actually self- explaining. You can join more pictures together. If you read my "cj-salvador-workshop" you now know the app I edited the picture with. 
But here I edited one again, just for you:


This app is a must-have if you got instagram. And I'm quit shure that a lot of you all ready know it. If you take a picture and it's to big for instagram, you can edit it on InstaSquarer. Here you can just put the picture on a colourfull background. :)

Here you see the foto at the beginning, edited with Facetune, Afterlight and InstaSquarer :

I really hope this post is helpful for you, or gave you some ideas on how to edit your next foto for instagram. 
Let me know what apps you use to edit your picture. :)

Also if you want to check out my instagram: click here  :) 

AND: thanks a lot to the few people that followed my blog on GFC. :) 
Wish you all a wonderful sunday! :)

Lots of love, 
xoxo Monia :* <3


  1. 'Rookie' is also a good app: it's free and has beautiful filters for photos! ;)


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