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Diy- World Cup T-Shirt

Hello everyone! :)

Guess what? I’m back!! :P Hope you’re as excited as I am!

For today’s post I’ve had a really cool idea. Since now the World Cup 2014 in Brazil have started I thought to do something for it. Me and my friend have been searching for a cute/ stylish Italy T-Shirt, but we couldn’t find one. So I thought I could do one on myself!

And here I am now, showing you what I did! :P 

What you need: (everything listed below is in the color of your nationality, your club)

·         A plain T-Shirt of your choice
·         A scissor
·         A pencil
·         Textile- colors  (Spray or others it doesn’t matter)
·         Maybe some pearls (you decide)
·         And some newspaper and papers

So now, for the first t-shirt we’re gonna make, you first need to take the length of how long the strips should be. Make then a pencil line. Then, you’re gonna cut it. To make the strips, you just cut it like this and after cutting it just pull it out a little bit.

 After that, we’re gonna make the writing or whatever you want on it. For not letting the color go on the backside of your shirt, your gonna put cardboard in it. Then you print the “thing” out that you want on your shirt. Now just thing about if you want the color inside the writing or outside it. If you want it inside, you need to cut out the inside. If you want the outside, you need to cut out the outside. It’s simple as that if you think about it. :)

Now you take your colors and start to spray your shirt.

That's how I made it! :)

After that, you take your pearls and gonna put either one pearl on each strip, and for Italy you would put green, then white, then red. Or you’re gonna put all colors of your flag on each strip, so for me it would be: green, white and red on each one. And after putting the pearls in it you make a knock.

There's another way you can pump up your stirps, the way I did it. I just knocket the end of the strips and sprayed them green then I let the middle strips white end the right part red. 

Now let it dry for a couple of hours and you’re done. Your shirt is now ready for an unforgettable World Cup! 

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post. J
Also if you have any other diy ideas for me, click on here and let me know them! J

Wish you a very nice week and have fun with the World Cup!

Lots of Love,
xoxo Monia


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