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Favorites of June

Hey guys :)

For today’s post I’m gonna be showing you my favorites of June, even tough it's already the 13 of July.

First of all: no. I’m not here to brag or something. I’m just gonna be real and show you my favorites, even if I have a couple of expensive things in it!

So first things first: I got the Michael Kors Hamilton tote bag in black and gold. I got this for my confirmation but I got it a month before I actually had my confirmation. I’m still so in love with that bag and I never change purse anymore!

Then I got a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses in an outlet in Italy. I think I wouldn’t have bought them if it wasn’t in an outlet! But, I’m so proud to have them and the shape of this glasses, are I think the shape of sunglasses that looks the best on me. I usually have lots of problems by finding a pair of sunglasses that looks nice.

Then I got my Iphone 5s last month *-* I’m so in love with that I swear! It’s like the best phone ever! And also the fact that I got the “champagne-gold” one! Amazing. Ok, you all now how an iphone 5s looks-like, but here two pictures :P

Then I got a Chanel Lipstick, which I also only got because it was in the outlet. It’s from the "rouge coco" collection in the number 60- triomphe.

Another kind of lipstick that was my favorite this month is the "Lip Colour Intensifier/ Ultimate Lip Glow".

Than I got a Kabuki Brush from essence. Now I actually bought this because I always wanted to try a Kabuki Brush. And also because it has pink in it.
And now, I love it! I always use this brush to apply my Bronzer which I mentioned in my favorites of February post. If you haven’t read it yet, click on here.

Since it’s summer and I have a pool at my house, I kind of went swimming a lot. So I started to use my Waterproof Mascara from Kiko again and I literally just felt in love again! :D

Well I was in Italy back in April, as you may know from a post about my trip, and it was a must to buy me the “Naked 3” palette!! Cus in Switzerland you cannot find it! I use it more for special occasions but, it’s definitely worth the price!

I love to let grow my nails so they look like gel nails. But they always brooked. A friend of me told me to tray a nail oil from essence and I did. And omg guys! It’s just awesome and it helps a lot!

And my last favorite of June is a Body Sorbet that I got from my Sister for Easter, which I know is a long time back. But I thought I’d show you cus I love it and it smells so good.

Now on to my favorites Songs:

- Emis Killa- Maracana
- Daddy Yankee- La Nueva y La Ex
Sia- Chandelier 
- Ellie Goulding- Beating Heart

So that was it! Let me know in the comments below what your favorites were this month.

I hope you enjoyed my favorites of last month. Also comment down below one of your favorites of last month!

See you soon,

Lots of love,
xoxo Monia


  1. Amazing haul! We're obsessed with the Naked 3 palette, there's are so many pretty colours in there. And you can never go wrong with some BodyShop products, they smell divine!!

    xoxo Precious Wonders

    1. Thank you! :) yes that's so true. It's the best palette ever :P and yeah the BodyShop products smell just amazing, can't get enough.

      xoxo monia :*

  2. Loved this post, the quality of your photo's are amazing! keep it up! I'm loving reading through all your posts:-)


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