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What I got for my Confirmation

Hello guys :)
On Sunday two weeks ago I had my confirmation and I got a few stuff that I thought I would show you, cus I’m exited! :P

First of all, if you read my last post, you've allready seen my Michael Kors Hamilton Tote bag in black and gold, that I got from my parents a few month before my confirmation.

I don’t know which religion you are, but I’m catholic and for our confirmation you always have to choose a “godmother” or a “godfather”. I have chosen my sister.
So she got me this Pandora bracelet with four pendants. The rose pendant that you can see, was a gift from my brother.

 Then I got a Michael Kors bracelet from a very good friend. Which I never expected!

And then from my other best friend and her mother I got this:

Now when you see it, you recognize that is a “Mac Book” but you’ll not get the sense of it. Well a lot of people asked me what I wanted for my confirmation and I always answered: Money, cus I want to buy me a Mac Book. And so my best friend’s mother, which loves to diy things, made this and put money in it. I found this so cool!

Well and from all the other people, I got letters with money! I got a lot of money which made me obviously really happy!

Now I’m just saving them for the moment and after I’ll see if I buy myself a Mac Book.
Also guys I have a picture of me and all the people that celebrated my confirmation with me on my instagram so go check it out! Thanks to everyone for the presents and for that unforgettable day! 

So guys that was it! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and see you soon! :*

Lots of love,
xoxo Monia    


  1. Now look at that, you were in for a treat, that's for sure. What a lucky girl you are to get all those lovely presents. That's such a sweet idea with the DIY_mac, cute.

    1. Yes I know! :) and the diy-mac, I still love it, it looks so real :P
      Thank you for your lovely comment! :)

      xoxo Monia :*


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