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Zurich Film Festival

Hello everyone! 

Today I've got something very exciting to tell you! Saturday evening, I went to the Zurich Film Festival! Yeeeey! 

My friend had two tickets for a german movie called "Männerhort". She was meant to go with her other friend but unfortunately her friend was ill, so she couldn't go. As my friend had a ticket left, she asked me to go, and I'm so, so happy she did that. *Thank you LB a lot! I love you! <3*

We were able to see one of our favorite actors: Elyas M'Barek. So if you don't know him, his a german actor and let me just say, he's also the hottest man on earth! *-*

We were there at 8 o'clock which was way too early. But we wanted to meet him at the green carpet (same as the red one but just in green) and maybe take some pictures. And guess what? WE DID! *-* I still can't believe this! 

Also Elyas was so sweet! He took a picture with literally everyone who was in the first row! Not everyone does that so hat up for him. :)

Even if all the pictures are taken with the Iphone 5/5s of me and my friend and the quality is really bad, I thought I would show and share this magical and unforgettable moment of my life with you. 

Also excuse me for my ugly face on the selfie I've taken with Elyas. I hate the fact that I was overwhelmed in that situation. This is I think not just the reason because I look so stupid but also the reason, why I cut his head out of the picture (I could of had cried after that. Worst fault ever! And yes I do regret it already!).
But I have a picture with him and in the end, I think this is what really matters! :)

Hope you enjoy,

Lots of love,


  1. Hello! Thank you for this comment. I will. :)

  2. I'm so glad you had a chance to meet him. Hope you had a great time. Great post.


    1. Aaw thank you a lot! :3 Oh yes I definitely had!

      xx :*

  3. looks like you had an amazing time! was lovely to see the pics xx


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