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Favorites of November

Hello guys :)

Another month is over which for me means it's time to do another favorites of the month post.
You might have noticed if you read my blog, that I'm a big christmas junkie and november for me is already christmas time. You might notice it in this post a little bit...

Let's start of with the non-christmas favorites. :)

Now that it's cold outside I have the driest lips ever. I was searching a lip balm which would moistureise my lips a lot and make them smooth and that's when I pumped in to this little one. While applying it, it burns a little bit especially the first couple of time you use it. But it helps so much I couldn't live without it anymore. :)

classic carmex lip balm
 I mentioned this bronzer once in my tutorial featuring NV colour products but I never really used it lots. This month I kind of rediscovered it again and used it literally every day and I'm in love with it. 

NV color dark bronzer
Ok. So my next favorite I've also mentioned before in a haul. But this month, I was so obsessed with this lipstick. It has such a neutral nude color and I love it for a every day base. 
Bourjois- Rouge edition 31Beige shooting
Like I said before, it's getting cold outside. And it means that not only I have dry lips, but also dry hands. I love caring hand cream in my bag. I found this one from essence which has a vanilla and cinnamon flavor and this is perfect for christmas time! That's actually why I bought it. And I still like the smell of it. :P

essence 24h hand protection balm
One of the christmas colors for me is gold. I searched for a gold nail polish and pumped in to this gorgeous one. I basically was wearing this half of november. :)

essence color & go- 140 go bold!
It's actually weird to mention a pajama as a favorite. But I love this pi's way to much to not do it! They are from H&M and still available now. They had also ones with other motives on it but I chased this one because of the winter and christmas time.

My next favorite is the book and movie "The Fault In Our Stars". I already did a review on it and told you that I absolutely love the story of it! I'm not going to tell you anything else in here but if you're interested on more click on here. :)

Favorite Songs:

- Ed Sheeran- All of the stars
- Calvin Harris- Open Wide ft Big Sean
- Train- Shake up Christmas 
- Band Aid 30- Do they know it's Christmas (2014)

That was already it for this month favorites. 
I planed a lot for december so stay tuned! :)

Thank you for reading this post and see you soon! :*

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