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Gift guide | quick and easy gifts

Hello :)

Christmas is really standing outside the door and waiting to come in. What a better time of the year to give you some gift ideas? :)
This gifts are for everyone you feel giving them. To family,friends or maybe even your boyfriend. 

If you're running late for a present this are some easy ideas for present that you can make yourself really quick. 

Also before I get into it: stay read until the end because there will be a giveaway (and it's my first one as well!) :)

1. 50 Things I love about you card-book

This is easy made but you really have to think a lot to find 50 things you love about someone. I did this for one of my best friends a time ago for her birthday and she really liked it. :) (I couldn't find the picture anymore so I'm really sorry for that :()

What you basically do is you take cards (that you don't need anymore) and den you just glue paper on it or you use sticking paper (it's a lot easier) and on them you just write your 50 things. Than you can decorate them with stickers and every other thing you want. Last part: Make a whole on each card on the edge to then put a ring through it so it holds. And that is it. :)

2. Selfmade cup

Buy a one-colored cup. I bought this white ones for really cheap. Than with some cup-writers I just used my creativity (and the one from pinterest :P) to write something that looked good on my cup.
After that put the cup in the preheater oven of 180 degrees for 30 minutes.

Now to not just give that person an empty cup, I just bought those mini marshmallows and put it in a little plastic kind of bag and closed it with a cute bow. Add now some hot chocolate bags. If you want you can also add this super cute bags of cup-cakes or cup-cream which is are both things that you can do in a cup. :)

3. Beautiful Frame

Now this one isn't really a diy. But I love this one. Who wouldn't love to get a picture frame with some awesome memories? Well I would! :)
I found this awesome gold one in which you can place four pictures. 

And that is basically it. 

If you want to enter the giveaway click on here. :)

See you soon,


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