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Konstanz Haul

Hello everyone! :)

As promised in my last post I'm doing a haul of Konstanz. Now you can see all I bought there on my trip on Saturday which I also did a post about. If you haven't read it yet, click on here. :)
I didn't bough a lot of cloths actually. I basically bought more like beauty stuff. It wasn't one of those really big shopping sprits but I still bought few things to show you. 

The chocolates I just got in different shops because we were shopping on the 6 of december which in Germany and Switzerland is the "Santa Claus day".

And than I found a stand at the market with italian sweets and this one is called "Torrone". Now I'm really bad at explaining to you what this is but if you haven't tried it you definitely should. It's delicious!

I bought a lot of beauty stuff. Let's just start off.
Clear- Up Strips 
Masks. I love the mask on the right site which is a "dead sea" mask. I used it once and my face felt so good after it that I had to buy lots.
Mask from "dm"
I was searching for the apple and cinnamon tea for so long now and I just couldn't find it. In Konstanz there is a tea-shop so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to see if they had this and they did. I also bough another one which smelled really nice and christmassy. The little red bag at the bottom is a gift they gave me it as I payed to try it. :)

Apple cinnamon tea, fireplace tea
This are some really random bits. Yes I'm showing you the tampons I got and firstly I wasn't sure if I should. But hey, it's something every women needs so.....this is a little package for like caring in your bag that's why I bought it.
Also I bough a toothbrush. I asked my mum once if she could buy me one which is like really "thin" in the front so I can really brush through my braces but she always forgot and I forgot to tell her again so I bought it myself now. 
Toothbrush and tampons.
I've never tried fake lashes but I always wanted to and then I found this really cheap ones in "dm" that I thought it is the best opportunity to give them a try.
Fake lashes from "dm".
This is just an example we got in a shop. 
Justin Bieber- Girlfriend
And yes, I bought a lot of skittles. I love skittles so much and when I see them for so cheap in a shop I kind of go crazy.
Crazy sours- skittles
For my hairs I just re bought this two things I ran out of. One the hairspray from L'Oreal Elnett and I got the yellow one which is for dry and stressed hair and second the essence uptime  omega repair from Schwarzkopf which I've already mentioned once in a favorite post.
L'oreal Elnett & essence ultimate Schwarzkopf
My first time in a Yves Rocher shop and it went pretty good. :P
 Left: yellow peach- eau de toilette, middle: coconut- lair velouté, right: pear caramel- eau de toilette.
Then I bought this two cream eyeshadow which I actually only bought because I saw a picture in the shop with a women wearing them and it looked beautiful. 

Left: 12. Brun Précieux, right: 13. Or.
Now this two bits I was really unsure if I should show you. But since every women needs them I thought I'll just do it. Yes, naughty me....
They were both on sale so I bought them at H&M for 10€ instead of 14.99€.
Same here. From H&M 10€ instead of 14.99€.
This is like a "fake" burberry scarf. I bought this in a little city shop there for 12.99€.
This jeans shirt is from Pimkie for 19.99€.
Pullover in this light peachy color (which I know doesn't look peachy in the picture but I swear it is :P) for 19.99€ from Pimkie.
And the last thing I bought are those skinny jeans also from Pimkie for 19.99€.
And that was it for todays post. I hope you enjoyed it. See you soon,


  1. Amazing haul, love your jeans so much. Great blog & would you
    like to follow each other on GFC, Google+ & Bloglovin? Lemme know & lets
    keep in touch!


    1. thank you a lot! :)
      yes I'd love to! already followed you! :3



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