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Bucket List | 14 things I want to do before I die

Hello everyone! :)

Did you ever thought about something and told yourself you want to do it once in your life? I have a few of those things so I thought I can show you my bucket list. I only have 14 things for the moment but that is totally ok because I'm still young and I can still add points in the future. :)

Before I start I just quickly wanted to say that all pictures are from google but I added the text to each one myself by editing them. 

And now, let's get straight into it! :)

1. Travel the world. 
I always think about a lot of places I want to visit once in my life. There are so many that I can't just mention one. I want to be abel to see the whole world. 

2. Swim with dolphins.
Since I'm little, dolphins were always my favorite animals so swim with a dolphin is really something I would love to do. I have to admit I would be a bit scared though....but I still want to do it. 

3. Find the perfect job.
I want to be able to wake up in the morning full of motivation and go to work totally happy. I want to be able to go sleeping on a sunday evening by saying "omg yes tomorrow it's monday again and I can't wait to go to work" and not by saying "ugh, tomorrow it's monday again. please give me a gun".... if you know what I mean...

4. Own my dream car.
There's nothing better than have a car for yourself which you saved money on for years. I probably have to start saving money on it because I'll turn 18 next year and that means....driving license!! :p

5. Fall in love.
Well, that is quit self-explanatory right? :)

6. Pursue my passion.
My passion, if you don't already know from previous posts, is dance. There's nothing I like to do more than dance. I want to dance for the rest of my life. If it's not going to be a profession that is alright, but I still wouldn't quit dancing.

7. Achieve my body goal.
If you haven't already read it, I did a post about trying to change my life into a healthier one. On my opinion I think I'm on a good way to achieve my body goal. Still have a hard work in front of me but I guess I can handle that. :)

8. Collect a lot of memories with my best friend.
With that I mean go on trips together and do a lot of crazy, stupid things together. Me and my best friend are going on summer holiday to the exact same place which means we will see us at the beach/ the sea and this is already a part of this point of my list. We are going to have the best summer! :) If you don't follow me on instagram, you might not know that me and my best friend have an instagram account together which is called: annoia. Go and follow it for pictures and videos. :) 

9. Learn a new language.
Languages are sooo my thing! At school I always was and still am better in languages than in other subjects like math and those things. 
At the moment I can speak: German and Swissgerman, French, English and Italian....which isn't little.
What I would love to learn: Spanish.....and Turkish....well actually also a lot of other ones too. :D

10. Learn to dance ballet.
 When I was three years old, I used to dance ballet for two years. Than I stopped because i thought it is boring. If there's one thing in my life I regret than this one. I should have never stopped dancing ballet and I really want to start again.

11. Do a study abroad for at least 6 months.
At the moment I'm in the second year of my apprenticeship. In one year and four moths I will be finished with it. I'm actually planning to work for more or less one year after my apprenticeship to save money and than go on a study abroad in an english-speaking country. I'm so looking forward to that!

12. Fly in a helicopter.
Ok, I'm gonna be honest with you. I do actually have a fear of heights. I don't know why but I really want to take a fly in a helicopter one day though. I imagine it so cool.

13. Collect a lot of squad goals memories.
I do have a squad and I couldn't imagine having something cooler then that! I love my squad and I want to collect as much memories as possible with them. We already planned a few things like the Holi Festival, Europapark trip (which is a park in Germany with roller coasters and all of those things) and a dinner all together.
We also had the idea to go on summer holidays in 2016 all together after the hard time of our apprenticeship. I hope we'll really do that! :)

14. Get inked.
This is already my last point on my list. I will get a tattoo this year with my sister. We haven't decided the exact way we are going to get it jet but we still have some time left and we already got a few ideas too. I'm not sure but I can imagine me getting more than just one tattoo in the future because I love them.

And that is already it! I hope you enjoyed this weeks post.
Also let me know what your points on your bucket list are. :)


  1. I'd love to do a few of these things too. Travel the world would be first!

    -Kathie K

    1. yeees this would be amazing! One day hopefully :PP


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