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Lush Haul | #2

Hello everyone :)

I went to lush again last weekend and I spent "a bit" of money in there. Lush is always a struggle for me because I want to buy every bath bomb that they have so I keep spending a lot in there.... 
So I thought I could do a lush haul again. I already did one but I think I'll do a lot in the future if you're interested in reading / seeing them. :)

Let's get started!

Magic Wand 
French Kiss 
Blackberry Bomb
Sex Bomb


  1. No way! how is the magic wand still available for you its no where to been seen here in the UK in so jelous I need one in my life! Hahah, a fan of all things you bought! Enjoy them x

    1. hahaha, I think it's not going to be in our stores for a long time anymore either :D
      thank you lots!


  2. You got some lovely things! That Twilight bath bomb is amazing! :)


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