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Valentine's Day at Zaful

Who of you know's Zaful? I know it is up to a month until Valentine's Day, but as time goes by so fast, I already wantet to share a pretty cool thing with you. Zaful is an online shop, which for this lovely occasion, is doing a Valentine's day sales. Are you planning to go out with your partner? Or just a good friend of you? Well what is better than dressing up for special occasions? So to not miss that, Zaful want's to make your valentines day special, by offering you a big range of different stylish clothing's, from dresses to bikinis to casual  jumpers. 

They sell so many beautiful things, that it's almost a struggle to chose from them: 

So back to Zaful valentines day 2018, you have several offers on what you can take a benefit of. The valentines activity startet on January the 12th. Along with this activity, you can benefit of an additional discout using the code ZAKIRA.

Have fun shopping! <33
*In collaboration with Zaful.*


  1. I can't believe Valentines day is just around teh corner. Thanks for the recommendations.

    xx, Maryam

  2. Gorgeous picks! Can't believe it's Valentines Day soon xx

  3. Zaful is a really nice site to buy clothes but I find that their accessories are much better! Thanks for this post! :)

    xx, Myrra |

  4. Lovely picks you got here dear! That last dress is sooo sexy and cute!

    Jessica |


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