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Hello ladies! :)

Hope you're doing well.

Todays post is going to be a little different than my usual posts. I want to do this post as a motivation for you to look up and for me as well. :P

Last year I had a time were I was really obsessed with the whole healthy life thing. With that, I don't only mean fitness but I also mean changing the way of eating by eliminate all the sweet stuff and eating them just like once a week. I also wanted to do a lot more sport.

Now it worked for a while. I ate better and exercised a lot more and it really was going good. I want to lose weight and get like a flatter stomach and feel fitter.

Since it didn't worked for the whole last year, I'm going to give it a try again this year.

For both food and fitness it's always a good motivation if you follow some of those pages on instagram. I do for example: fitnessgirlsmotivation and detoxpage and there's a lot more.


- less carbohydrates in the evening
- try to eat dinner at least before 19:00 o'clock
- eat more fruits and vegetables
- eat less sweets
- drink at least 1 1/2 liter water per day

- dance more (I might do a one year subscription in a dance school) 
- exercise more (at home)
- go jogging sometimes
- take part once in a week in a Zumba lesson

This are my "resolutions" for getting a better and healthier body. 
Also for exercises I always used to watch and do xhit daily videos. They are amazing! I'll start do them again.

For me a motivation is also having the perfect and most stylish outfit. I ordered my new nike training clothes two days ago and they should arrive next week. I am probably going to show you the outfit in a separat post.  

This is similar to my actual goal to reach. I know this might take more than a year but that is totally ok. :)

And to finish this "motivation post", here are some pictures with phrases that are quit motivating. Now you can screenshot them and use your favorite one as the lookscreen of your phone, so you can reread it every single time you look on your phone. :)


  1. this is a nice resolution! i should try it too :D


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