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Favorites of January

Hello everyone!

How are you? :)
Before I properly start this week's post, I want to apologize that I haven't blogged last week. I had a little bit of stress with school and work the last few weeks and I'll probably have some more. So if I won't blog every week, I'm really sorry. I try my best to find some good and interesting ideas to blog about and also to find time for it! :)

Also I wanted to thank again everyone that reads my blog. In the last two weeks I heard from people I know that they read my blog, which I wasn't expecting it from those ones. So, thank you a lot! ♡

Now on the the "real" topic of this week's post! :)
Since is the end of January, I'm gonna show you my favorites of this month. I need to admit  I don't have a lot but I'm showing you them anyways.

Hope you enjoy it! :*

Prada, Candy Florale
Face mask, "Totes Meer MASKE", which is a dead see mask.
Strawberry beautifying oil from the body shop, which I always use for my hairs.
MAC In Extreme dimension 3D black lash - Mascara
L'Oréal, super liner perfect slim
MAC Lipstick, Flat Out Fabulous
Watermelon Smooth Baby Lip's


Thank you for reading my blog and leaving a comment. I wish you all the best.

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