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Samsung NX Mini

Hello everyone! :)

Yesterday was birthday! whoop whoop! :3 Well actually I'm just 17 now, nothing special, nothing big. But still it was my birthday. :P

Instead of showing you all my present like I did for Christmas, I thought I'll show you just this one. I got the Samsung NX mini! 
I first wanted it in the color mint, but I thing I needed to wait like 1 month to get it so I got it in white, which is totally fine. :) 

The reason I wanted this camera? I decided to get myself a little camera that is really light and perfect to carry with me when I'm on holidays or just on some day / nights out with friends and family. For me this would also be a lot more easier to blog things that I probably haven't blogged before because the camera I have now is just to heavy. I will still use the canon camera for pictures I shoot at home or for some outfits shoots, but for the rest, if I find this one a good camera after trying it, I will use it. :)

It looks more of this digital cameras that were "in" a couple of years ago, which wasn't actually the camera I wanted to get. It wasn't easy at all finding a good light camera but my uncle, which has a lot of knowledge in this sector, told me to get this one. 
Also it was on sale so I got the whole camera as a gift. If I would have wished for another camera I'd probably needed to pay a bit on it because they're so expensive.

I'm really looking forward to try out this camera! Hope it will do a good job! :)

Wish you all a good evening,


  1. it's such a beautiful camera!
    on the down low though, i'd rather carry something lighter and compact than have to lug around a DSLR all the time.

    can't wait to see what pictures you snap. :)

  2. thank you! :)
    Actually this camera is really light :P I hope it will do a good work! :33


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