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How to be happy again

Hello everyone! :)

Today's post is more of a random one. Do you sometimes feel like your whole life is falling apart? Just feel sad and annoyed of everything? So you could need some advice on how to be happy again? Than you're in the right place! :)

Now I'm not a psychologist or something similar but I do have some things that make me personally happy or positiv when I don't actually feel so.

I hope to help you out with those 10 tips!

I am a really lazy person and I kind of hate to exercise but I also kind of love it (?). So when I feel sad or negativ I just start doing some exercise because they make me so fit and I always feel a lot better after.

Listen to music is always a good thing to do. I often tempt to listen to "depressiv" music when I feel negativ but that is the wrong thing to do. Try to listen to some happy songs that make you smile! I might to a playlist about songs that make my mood better if you'd like? :)

Go out with friends
There's nothing better than going out with your friends. This is something that always cheers me up no matter what! :)

Take a bath
A bath always helps you to get rid of this negativity and just chill a bit and relax. It's the best if you'r not feeling great.

Now this one can be either good or bad. I attempt to eat chocolate when I feel bad. But alright chocolate is unhealthy so if you're the same type as I am try to combine chocolate with some healthy and delicious fruits. So it's not that unhealthy anymore. And I don't know why but eating always helps me to be happier......maybe it's just mentally but it still helps. :P

Take a long walk
This is always good. I think taking long walks are similar to taking a bath because you can just relax, listen to some music and think about everything. But just remember: try to think about what makes you happy and not about what tears you down. It's really helpful.

Go shopping
Now this will not make your purse happy but your heart. So if you have the time for it, go shopping. You don't have to spend your whole money but buy just one thing or few stuff that you like. This makes everyone happy (especially girls am I right? :P)

Bake something
Baking always takes me to other thoughts and if the result turns out good, than you even have something really yummy to make your heart and tummy feel better. :P

Self spoiling
To relax you is always something good. Do a face mask make yourself beautifuler then usual just to make you a bit happier (I did a post about self spoiling. Click on here to read it).

Search for motivating phrases
You can find so many pictures of phrases that keep you motivated. I love them. So just go on pinterest, instagram or even google and search for some. Than you can even screenshot them and put it as your background on your phone. It'll probably help you every time you re-read them. :)

What do you do to be happy again? Let me know in the comments. :)

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