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Madrid | Day 3 & 4

Hello everyone! :)

As promised in my previous post, here it is: day 3 & 4 of my trip to Madrid, Spain. I already posted day 1 & 2 of my trip to Madrid by telling you what we (me and my family) did on which day. Now I'm going to do the same thing.
So lets get straight into it! :)

Day 3
We started day three as we started day two. We went to the same kind of café to eat breakfast (I guess I haven't even mentioned in the previous post....sorry). I ate strawberries and a croissant and I drank a cappuccino.

After eating breakfast we took the bus and went to the "Estadio Santiago Bernabéu" which is the football stadium in Madrid. If you have seen my post about Milano last year (click on here if you haven't :D) I've seen the "Stadio San Siro" in Milan, which is a really big one. But guess what: the one in Madrid is even bigger.
We took a lot of pictures and even though I'm not a big football lover, I still love visiting stadiums. :) The visit took us about 2-3 hours.
Then we went again to the plaza del sol because in the previous day we have seen a sort of a sandwich "restaurant" and we wanted to eat lunch there. It was so delicious!
Then we walked to the old part of the town wich I personally liked a lot more than the new one. On the way we stopped in a little café to eat "Churros" for the second time. And let me just say: I love Churros, I always did and always will.
Firstly we stopped in the beautiful "Cattedrale dell'Almudena". If seen a lot of cathedrals and churches but this one, is one of my favourites so far I guess.
Then we passed straight away to the "Palacio Real de Madrid" which is where the old Kings of Spain used to life. This was absolutely stunning. I am so sorry guys but it was forbidden to take pictures in the whole palace, so I only did some outside. But it still was amazing. If you should go to Madrid once you definitely have to visit the palace. You will actually feel a bit dizzy because of all the colours and everything being gold (and you looking from left to right and from up to down) but it is worth it.
Then we stopped in an other café to drink something and be and my brother hat a lemon sorbet to refresh us properly.
After that we walked back to "Puerta del Sol" and there we watched a magician from Argentina which did an awesome "show". He was so funny! And actually I have to say, I'm lucky that I'm Italian so I could understand a bit.
After that we took another promenade back to "Placa Mayor" because we decided to have dinner there somewhere. Fortunately we then found the famous "Mercado San Miguel". Aah if we weren't about to have dinner I would have eaten all stands up!!!
My parents wanted to try oysters because they're also a kind of Spanish speciality so they did there. I also had one to try and I usually really like fish but oysters just taste of salt water and sea and I guess it's just nothing form me. My parents and my brother loved them though.
Then it was finally dinner time! We stopped in a restaurant near the market. This restaurant was so lovely! The furniture in the interior was so adorable I loved it so much.
First we started with Spanish specialities (once again). We ate "Cozze" with tomato sauce (they cook it like this), "Crochette" and those sort of potatoes I forgot the name of....but not the flavour. They tasted amazing!
Then my parents and my brother ate "paella". I wasn't craving rice so I went for the lamb and bacon burger with French fries and omg guys I've never ever in my life eaten such an amazing burger! It was so delicious. I'm actually craving it right now haha.
And that was basically it (finally) for day three.



Day 4
For day four I have only two pictures because it was basically only the way back home. We went to the airport in the morning, did our check in and then ate some breakfast. I had a cappuccino once again, with again a croissant and a donut (healthy breakfast I know). And than, after hours of waiting we finally had our flight. I did a lot of pictures on the plane, but I just posted favorite! I love that picture so much! 

And that was it. Hope you enjoyed!
See you soon,

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