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My 10 favorite things to do during Christmas Time

Things to do during Christmas Time

Well this is my personal list of things to do during Christmas Time. People that know me well, know that I love Christmas and Christmas Time. It’s just such an amazing and cozy time. And there are a lot of things I love to do during this time, that I thought I could share this list with you.

1. Decorate a Christmas Tree
It’s just the best thing to do whilst listening to some Christmas Music!

2. Go to the Christmas Market and eat so much I want to
I mean not that I do not eat everything I want during the rest of the year. But I need to confess that I don’t take as much care of myself what belongs to food during Christmas Time.

3. To gift-wrap all presents and to watch people unwrap the presents I gave them
I love to gift-wrapping so that all presents look just the best under the tree! Also I think it can be so relaxing doing it.
But seeing others unwrap what I gave them and moste of time seeing how happy they are about it! I love getting good presents but I think I love it even more to gift other's.

4. Drink gingerbread latte at Starbucks
Ok. So this is so far my favorite Christmas Drink and I love it! I used to drink it really often during the winter. Now I don’t drink it as much. But I still need to have it at least once.

5. Read a Christmassy book
The best time of the year to just chill out and read, is during Christmas Time. It's just so much cozier. 

6. Watch Christmassy movies
Well, I'm pretty sure I already watched more or less every Christmas Movie on Netlix. It's just something I HAVE to do. It immediately puts me in the most christmassy mood ever!

7. Watch Kevin alone at home…it’s a must for me
Let me just say: it's not Christmas as long as I haven't watched Kevin alone at home. It's my all time favorite Christmas Movie!

8. Wear cozy sweater’s
Well, cozy sweater's are just my think. I mean I also love them stylish one but they for sure need to be cozy. This year I even bought myself a fluffy jacket that is like my new favorite thing because it also looks pretty cool.

9.  Bake Christmas cookies with my family
This is like a tradition we have. My sister and my mother do the dough for our cookies and me and my brother just stamp and decor them. We than listen to music, mostly Christmas Songs but not only. But it's the best thing ever! This year, we haven't baked yet so we hope to still be able to do it..

10.  Watch Zoe's Vlogmas
Actually whilst writing this, I am watching one of her vlogs. She is my all time favorite youtuber and it's not christmas as long as I don't watch her vlogmas videos. If I think about Christmas Zoe does really pup up into my mind. She is just such a Christmassy Person. 
What are your favorite things to do during Christmas?

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